Budget Saving Tips: A Signature Drink

For many, the idea of an open bar is synonymous with having a successful wedding. A cocktail hour apéritif helps liven things up before dinner, socializing with strangers and old acquaintances become so much easier after a glass (or two) of wine, and the dancing, oh the dancing becomes WAY better to watch and participate in – We’re looking at you Cha-Cha Slide!

At L&L Events, we certainly agree that alcohol can make for a lively, joyous and sometimes a hilariously memorable celebration, but we also know how painful an open bar can be for your budget. This is where a signature drink comes into play. Yes, we know that signature drinks are not a secret and have been around for quite a while, but it doesn’t mean we love them any less! They are, after all, an invention of necessity. By embracing a signature drink you are doing yourself quite the favor, we promise! We haven’t steered you wrong yet, so hear us out.

Our first reason we love signature drinks? YOU SAVE MONEY. Decent middle-shelf liquor costs on average from $20.00 to $30.00 per 750ml bottle. That doesn’t sound too bad until you realize how many bottles you’ll need for an open bar, (This should give you a good idea.) Now the math is increasingly horrifying. The problem with an open bar is that you need to purchase enough of each different type of liquor to ensure that your guest’s preferences are covered. This means you will end up buying larger liquor quantities than you will end up needing. With a signature drink, you get to limit the amount of liquor you’ll need to purchase, less alcohol = less money. We could just stop there… but then again, that just wouldn’t be us.

Signature Drink

Photography: Erin McGinn | Styling & Recipe: Abby Capalbo of Style Me Pretty

The second reason to consider a signature drink? You get to create fully customized cocktails and name them WHATEVER you’d like! You can have two signature drinks, one for each newlywed. Get your creative juices flowing, think “The Mr” and “The Mrs”, “The Blushing Bride”, “Something Blue” or even incorporate your sweet nicknames, new last name or even spice it up with some word play. So. Much. Fun.

Lastly, reason number three; your signature cocktail can be whatever you want it to be, they can be so uniquely versatile. (Check out our cocktail board for inspiration!) So what happens if your father is insistent that a wedding isn’t a wedding without bourbon? No sweat! Treat yourselves to a gourmet bourbon cocktail. You’re dreaming about something memorable and whimsical? Try the beautiful rose slushy pictured to the right. Perhaps you’ve been thrown a curveball and your venue doesn’t allow liquor, but allows wine, champagne and beer? Don’t fret! You can still make an amazing signature drink. Think a Black Velvet made by layering smooth Guinness and vibrant champagne, a sleek but bubbly pomegranate mimosa or a mixed wild berry spritzer. Yes please.

So here’s your chance to save money and dabble in the secret society that is mixology. A signature drink is the best of both worlds, not only gentle on your budget, but it’s also a fun way to wow your wedding guests. Two birds, one very awesome stone.

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