The Honest Truth: Day-of Coordination

Today we are going to shed some light on a very tricky and often misunderstood topic; Day-of Coordination. Day-of wedding coordination services are something that we event planners get asked about repeatedly. So we want to know, what do you think of when you hear the term day-of coordination? For most of you, the expectation is that you hire a professional to show up for a few hours on the day of your wedding to make sure that all of the blood, sweat and tears you have poured into your dream go off without a hitch. Day-of coordination sounds pretty foolproof right? Eh… not so much…

Now I know what you might be thinking, what’s the worst thing that could happen? You’ve done ALL the planning yourself, your vendors are secured, your design game is strong and your go to motto is “Just call me Martha.” You could be the most prepared, exceptionally organized newlywed-to-be, but even for a passionately seasoned event planning professional, it is next to impossible to just show up on the day of the wedding with no prior planning and have things go smoothly. Let me explain why.

For starters coordinating ANY event is a complex labor of love, but a wedding? Well a wedding is a whole other ball game. Think of your wedding day as a well-oiled machine and your vendors as your machine’s assembly line. (Read this to see how important a healthy vendor relationship really is!) Everyone needs to work together successfully to ensure that each individual detail and layer of planning aligns perfectly. The one person that oversees this wedding day “assembly line” is your wedding planner, so imagine how difficult it would be for your planner to deliver an amazing celebration without comprehensively knowing what to expect from your vendors and venues. Now ask yourself, is that what you want for your wedding?

Your planner wants nothing but the best for you, they want to provide you with an unforgettably happy experience and event! To make sure you get the wedding you deserve, they will do more than just show up. They will work closely with your vendors to coordinate and plan your day, they will participate in a venue walkthrough, your rehearsal, multiple meetings, phone calls and emails with you, they will answer all of your tough questions to make sure you have the best wedding experience possible. Doesn’t that sound better than someone just showing up? We think it does.

So here’s the honest truth: Day-of coordination is never just day-of, nothing good is ever that simple. At L&L Events, we knows it takes much more to make an event successful than just showing up and coordinating. It will take an ample amount of effort and planning to ensure an amazing and memorable wedding day for you and your sweetheart. And trust us, it’s completely worth it.

Are you seeking partial wedding coordination? Ask us about our Passion Package, it’s perfect for all of you “Marthas” out there, no corner cutting needed!