Featured Favorites – Meet Rebekah J. Murray!

Oh hello there! Today I’d love to tell you about one of my absolute favorite people. This lovely young woman’s name is Rebekah Murray of Rebekah J. Murray Photography, located in Leesburg, Virginia. Please allow me to tell you why she is truly, truly wonderful! There is something very special in Rebekah in that not only is her photography beyond phenomenal, but working with her as a collaborator and as a client, she makes you feel very welcomed and at home. That is a very rare thing, indeed!

Rebekah’s photography is full of lush romance and is layered with texture and whimsy. But best of all, the mix of her raw talent and ardently kind nature makes for such a pleasant and memorable experience. I hope that by learning more about her, you will be encouraged to reach out to Rebekah and allow her photography to bring your next event to life!

1. Tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to start your photography business:


My name’s Rebekah and I’m a wedding + fashion photographer intent on living, observing and remembering with bright vibrant attention.

I love a good story, getting mail, efficiency, excitement, and all-pulp orange juice. I was born on April Fool’s Day, keep my closet color-coordinated, and yes thanks, have noticed that Sarah Silverman looks a lot like me.

I started college for graphic design and began working for a local photographer (Sarah Huntington – – an amazing mentor!) and then like so many other photographers had my business start with one friend asking about her wedding and then another. I never expected to make a career out of it but thanks to all the help I had through a not-so-small series of miracles and the clients who made the work such an exciting challenge – 9 years later here I am.

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2. What’s your favorite thing about your style of photography and how do you differ from other event photographers?

The images that I’m most proud of are ones that elevate life to something more grand or emotional, like what good cinematography is for movies. I think my style is a mix of a few – the dreamy/surrealistic beauty of modern fine art film photography with the gritty in-the-moment of photojournalism and the classical artfulness of traditional portraiture rounded out with the context and presence of landscape photography.

The people I click best with care a lot about beauty and elegance, but 99% of the time they’re world travelers and have this wonderful recklessness that makes them need to live their life and not be confined by the elegance… so no matter how fancy the setting they enjoy their wedding with a just-rolled-out-of-bed ease.

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3. What is your favorite moment to capture during a wedding?

My favorite part of a wedding day would definitely be when a girl turns into a bride. I love when she has time to talk with her chums as they’re dressing and all the stories come out as the nerves start to kick in. The people with have been close to the bride for sometimes her entire life, and I love getting to honor those relationships before all the other events start happening. Every time the dress gets put on that Cinderella moment happens and she sees herself looking beautiful and it’s such a sweet part of the day.

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4. What do you like to do in your free time?

I believe so much of creativity happens in the mind of the artist before the event of the making, so even if it sounds silly I try to encourage the boldly whimsical and romantic things in my own life. I’ve traveled so much for work over the years that I have a hard time taking trips just for fun, but making home somewhere faraway is near the top of the list and jaunts to London and Scotland always get first dibs.

I like to get coffees in fancy restaurants in the middle of the afternoon, host tea parties and picnics, learn new things (currently: fashion design!) and continue wishfully designing my imaginary cottage in the English countryside.

5. Just for fun! If you could photograph any famous moment in history, what would it be?

The Wright Brothers attempting flight!


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