Five Tips to Build Your Best Wedding Party

When you hear the term wedding party, what words come to mind? For most modern couples they think of a wedding party as a way to honor their friends by allowing them to be a part of their special day; a simple way to show their appreciation for all that these friends have done for them over the years.

JUST FOR FUN, here’s a little history lesson! Did you know that wedding parties have been linked back to the Vikings, ancient Romans and even appear in the Bible? Groomsmen, also known as Bride’s Knights, were initially protectors of the bride and her assets, especially in the days where bridal kidnapping was common- YES, that was a thing! While bridesmaids tended to take a more nurturing approach; they served the bride by educating her about her upcoming marital duties, by helping prepare and decorate for the union as well making sure that the bride stayed healthy and nourished during the days leading up the wedding. Boy, have things changed for the better! Here are our top 5 tips to building your best wedding party possible!


1. Keep it simple.

Choosing your wedding party shouldn’t be a challenge, if you are losing sleep over your choices, it’s time to rethink things. Who are your dearest, “ride or die” friends or family members that have been by your side through thick and thin? Choose them! Yes, it can be that simple, we promise!


2. Keep it intimate.

This is not the time to invite all 16 of your cousins, co-workers or college roommates into your party. LESS IS MORE! Just because you want to include one of your cousins or one of your childhood best friends doesn’t mean you have to include them all. This is YOUR wedding; your choices should come from your heart, not from a feeling of obligation.


3. Have a plan.

What does having a wedding party mean to you? What tasks would you like to have your party help you with? Make sure that you clearly communicate your intentions and expectations when picking out your party; this will alleviate any headaches down the line for you or your party members.


4. They do not have to match.

Just because the bride has 6 bridesmaids DOES NOT mean that the groom’s party needs to match! Think quality over quantity here, this is not the time to panic and seek out other people that you can include just to even things up for photos! We know this one is tough, we are symmetry sympathizers, but a good photographer and coordinator can make magic out of this situation. For example, you may have six bridesmaids and four groomsmen. Give two of the groomsmen two bridesmaids to escort, leaving two pairs coupled normally, alternate the duos and trios in your processional. Voila!


5. Have fun with it.

Building your wedding party should not be a tedious, overly complicated experience! In the end, you should have a party that you can have fun with, a party that will bring a smile to your face each time you go through your wedding album. A party of people you wouldn’t trade for the world and couldn’t imagine not having in your wedding; that is how it should be done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

What do you think of these tips? Do you have any other helpful suggestions that made your wedding party amazing? Comment below or contact us here, we’d love to hear them!




Photo courtesy of Timmester Photography.