Is a First Look Right for You and Your Wedding Day?

To look or not to look? This is a question all couples face while planning their big day. So what exactly is a first look? A first look, typically orchestrated and captured by the photographer, is an intimately romantic moment where the soon-to-be newlyweds see each other right before their ceremony. There are many reasons to have a first look, but are the reasons right for you? Today we will help you decide!

One of the main reasons our couples choose to have a first look is to free up more time in their wedding day. By seeing each other before your “I dos”, it allows the photographer to capture some of portraits and group photos before your ceremony. This can be really beneficial if you have a large wedding party, a sizable family and have a long list of family photos lined up, or perhaps you’d prefer to join your friends and family for some of your cocktail hour. Does this sound like you? Then a first look is an excellent option for your wedding day.

Another point to consider is usable daylight. Because most ceremonies begin in the late afternoon, sometimes getting all of your incredible photos in before sunset can turn into a race. This is especially true for early spring, late fall and winter weddings, by having a first look; you can utilize all of that beautiful sunshine and the famously gorgeous golden hour!

There are many great reasons to have a first look, but there are some incredible reasons not to as well. About half of our couples choose to go the traditional route and forego seeing each other before their ceremony; there is just something about seeing each other as you walk down the aisle, that teary-eyed genuine moment of awe for all to see.

Still unsure if a first look is right for you? Our best advice is to consider the points above and to discuss your needs with your photographer and wedding planner; they should be able to guide you in the right direction! Contact us to get started!




Photography by Becca B. Photography