The Honest Truth: Quality vs. Quantity

We can’t tell a lie; we know how easy it is to get swept up in the excitement whirlwind that is planning a modern wedding. In fact, we understand it so much so that we even offer (and enjoy) doing it for you! Is there anything better than being able to open a wedding magazine or popping onto Pinterest to get inspiration for your upcoming “I dos”? Really!

Planning a gorgeous wedding has never been so effortless, with millions of creative ideas at your fingertips; you become a hungry kid in a virtual wedding candy store, sigh. With so many wonderful ideas available to you, where can you possibly go wrong? The truth? It has never been easier to go way way waaaay overboard and completely over your budget. The other issue? (This one is sure to sting a bit) your fairytale Pinterest/Renowned Wedding Blog wedding is very likely much more expensive than you ever thought possible! Now we promise you that there is no finger pointing here, this is a safe place after all. Today we are going to help bring you back to reality.

So here’s your first predicament, you’re exceedingly determined to have locally sourced honey favors, a gourmet s’mores kit AND an engraved photo frame for your guests. You want a pop-up photo booth, an adorable hangover kit AND a monogrammed throw blanket for your guests to take home. The choices are endless when it comes to making your wedding unique and unforgettable… Oh and not to mention, really expensive! Now we are not bashing any of these favors or vendor ideas, we happen to love everything we just listed! But we also know that those WOW factor items add up, especially on top of your entire wedding must haves. Here’s your second predicament, in order to allow room in your budget for these said items, you have to cut corners and expenses elsewhere. So you end up sacrificing your dream photographer and gamble on a budget photography corporation, you sacrifice your band or DJ for your iPod, or you sacrifice a story-telling videographer for your cousin with a camcorder. 

Here is our question to you. In 5 years will you remember the umpteen favors you over-indulged your guests with? Will your family members or your friends remember them? Or would you rather be able to look through your high quality, dream photo album put together by your dream photographer? Or perhaps you would you rather celebrate by watching your one-of-a kind cinematic wedding video every year on your anniversary. You can have your cake and eat it too. (Pun totally intended!) Doesn’t that sound perfect?!

Now I know what you might be thinking, those dream vendors still cost money… Yes, of course they do- BUT here is the difference, there is a lifetime of value in what they can offer, we promise! We understand that getting married is expensive. But here’s the honest truth; quality will always trump quantity when it comes to weddings. Why? Because a wedding is not just a one-day party, it is a celebratory experience, an enduring lifelong investment! Note that we are not telling you to forego awesome favors or fun guest entertainment. We believe that you deserve nothing but the best, so we are just recommending that you make wiser choices; talk to your vendors about what is realistic and how you can rework your budget to be able to have your dream details, how to cut back a bit on the things you don’t really need to make way for the things that you do, to allow for the things that you will remember and enjoy for years to come!

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Photo courtesy of Nat Wongsaroj Photography.