The Honest Truth: Why You Need a Wedding Coordinator

Is a wedding coordinator right for you? Before I started L&L Events, I was just like you. Newly engaged, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, just filled to the brim with amazing ideas of what I wanted my special day to be. After all, I was the little girl that had been planning her wedding since her first dress-up session- I can still remember that white lace dress and the layered pearl necklaces that I never wanted to take off. When my wedding proposal came, I remember being so ecstatic that I was finally able to come out of hiding; no more secret binge watching wedding shows, hidden Pinterest boards, or wedding dress window shopping! I had my perfect partner, my perfect ring- this time it was real!

I hadn’t put much thought into how to bring all of my wedding dreams to fruition; but I was determined to somehow make it happen. So I began my journey, following advice found in magazines and online wedding sites, thinking that would be enough. Until one day, our venue informed me that we would need to hire a wedding coordinator in order to get married at their venue. Huh?? I hadn’t even thought about hiring a coordinator, I knew what I was doing! Or so I thought. Our hearts were still set on our venue, so we ventured on. We were given a couple of recommendations and we began to do our research. We narrowed it down to one amazing coordinator and we figured, sure why not? It wouldn’t hurt to have an extra set of hands along the way. When we contracted with our wedding coordinator, everything changed. There was an instant sense of relief! She was wonderful and supportive and we realized that we honestly did need her; she answered all of questions, made great recommendations and addressed all of our concerns and issues that came up during our planning process. She helped us with everything; invitations, design, cocktails, timelines, I mean everything! Our wedding day came and went, and it was exactly what we had wanted it to be. We realized that our special day would never have been what it was if she hadn’t been a part of it, we are forever grateful to her for giving us our perfect day.

We realize that not every Washington DC area wedding will require the help of an wedding coordinator or designer, but there are many that will. Having a coordinator is not just about the day-of details, it is about the support you will receive along the way, the answers to your tough questions and the recommendations you will get that will allow your day to be exactly what you want it to be. A coordinator will take on those wedding day worries and inevitable mishaps, and will allow their clients to enjoy their day without taking on unnecessary stress. A stress-free day is invaluable, and that is what we strive to give you at L&L Events.

If you think a wedding coordinator is for you, make sure to contact us! We look forward to being a part of your perfect day.