The Importance of a Preferred Vendor List

Hi there! Today we’d like to shed some light on a very useful wedding planning tool; a preferred vendor list. Some may ask, “What is a preferred vendor list?” Simply put, it is a list of recommended vendors given to you usually by your wedding planner or your venue.

Now, why would a planner or a venue give you a preferred vendor list? Honestly, it comes down to compatibility; compatibility is key! As wedding planners, our goal is to provide you with the best event and experience possible; and we know that hiring good vendors will make that goal attainable. The vendors on our lists are people and companies that we have wonderful, reliable and successful working relationships with; they are the people that help us bring your vision to life. We consider them to be our teammates; having this extra level of compatibility is a huge asset for you as a wedding client!

For some wedding clients, being provided with a preferred vendor list might be overwhelming. PLEASE do not fear the list! We would never recommend vendors that we didn’t feel were compatible for you. On a preferred vendor list there will be vendors of all different price points, different location coverage and different specialties; we will make sure to point out who will be best for you.

You may ask, “Are we required to choose from the listed vendors?” The answer will vary; generally, venues are the only vendors that may have requirements as to who you hire. For example, they may require that you hire one of their listed catering companies, DJs or rental companies. At L&L Events, our preferred vendor list is not a requirement, but it is highly recommended; we know how amazing these vendors are and we want to share their talents with you!

We hope this post has given you a better understanding of preferred vendor lists and why they can be so helpful! Looking for an amazing list of vendors? Contact us today to start your planning process.


Photo by Rebekah J Murray Photography.