My venue has a coordinator; do I need a wedding planner?

My venue has a coordinator; do I need a wedding planner?

Wedding planners and venue coordinators are both particularly important pieces of your wedding day puzzle, however it is important to know that their responsibilities are not the same.

Your wedding planner will most likely have been working with you from day one; they will have created your timeline, worked with you to create your one-of-a-kind event design, and will know exactly what to expect from your venue and your vendors. Their job is to make sure all of those special, heartfelt details and all of your careful planning come together in a perfect fashion.

Your venue coordinator’s focus will be slightly more geared towards the venue itself; making sure that the venue is prepped and ready to go, that your vendors are set up properly, and once again that things are running smoothly to ensure that the venue is meeting all of your wedding day needs.

While they both have different duties, experienced professionals will work together as a team to make your day effortless and incredible; when it comes to weddings, two teams are always better than one!