Cheers! Five Must-Read Tips For Wedding Toasts

Toasts are an excellent opportunity to create happy memories and make a lasting impression on all who hear them. But let’s be honest, not all wedding toasts are created equal. Sure, you’ve heard amazing toasts that have brought tears to your eyes, but admit it, you’ve also been witness to some that are just downright painful- You know the ones we’re talking about; the wedding toasts that are so long that you keep checking your watch, or even worse; speeches that leave silences so awkward and embarrassing that you hear crickets chirping in the background. Yikes! Beautiful occasions deserve better! Here are our top 5 tips for great toasts.

For the happy couple:

1. Limit the number of toasts given.

It is easy to want to include your all of your loved ones on your special day, but it is best to keep it sweet and simple. We recommend limiting the number of toasts to 2 people. (Think your best man and maid of honor.) This may seem like a small number, but trust us on this and keep reading.


2. Allow family members to make toasts at your rehearsal dinner instead.

This way, you can include your friends and family and allow them to have unlimited time to deliver their more personal speeches in a private setting. After all, they know you best and will rightfully have more to say. Don’t rain on their love parade by having to cut their toasts short at the reception!


3. Keep it short.

Your guests will have a limited attention span, so make sure to let your toast givers know to keep their speeches short and sweet. We recommend keeping the wedding toasts under the 3 to 5-minute mark. This will also help you keep on track with your wedding timeline. (As wedding coordinators- we will lovingly thank you for this!)

For the toast givers:

4. Keep it clean.

While everyone enjoys a good laugh, make sure to not over share. Embarrassing personal stories have their place, but a wedding reception is not it! Save those for the rehearsal dinner. Instead, fill your toast with stories of how you know the happy couple, how much they mean to you and offer them love-laced words of wisdom. The newlyweds will thank you!


5. Plan ahead.

Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your speech. While it’s completely normal to be nervous before your toast, you’ll feel much more comfortable if you give yourself some extra time to review and practice your toast before the day-of. Also, make sure to have an extra copy of your speech on hand, just in case.


We hope these tips have helped! Need help making your next event unforgettable? Contact us today!